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The Classifieds Network is the Web's first and only site that allows members to easily create and maintain their very own classified ads sites within minutes. These sites can be standalone sites or used as a classifieds section for an existing web site. Members can customize the appearance of their classifieds sites so that they have the same "look and feel" as the rest of their site. Previously, adding high quality classified ads to a web site was extremely difficult and required purchasing a CGI program and then attempting to install it. This required web site administrators to delve into such minutia as learning Unix permissions, learning the directory structure and location of various programs on their server, and many hours of trial and error spent in a frustrating attempt to get the program to work. Even after it was working, most of the programs available were extremely crude and limited in their feature sets, and upgrading was not even a possibility without losing all current ads. The goal of the Classifieds Network is to change all of that by making it easy to add classified ads to your existing web site or to create a brand new standalone classifieds web site. Moreover, all accounts are free.

We also offer an affiliate program whereby members can earn a commission on referrals to our Hagen Hosting and e-Classifieds® services. You may want to find out more about the Hagen Software affiliate program.

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